New Songs – May 2014

New Songs Added in May 2014

Flint Hill Special (G) 5/29/14

Farewell Blues (C) 5/28/14

The Crow (C) 5/28/14

Randy Lynn Rag (G) added 5/28/14

Roanoke (G) added 5/28/14

Train 45 (B) added 5/27/14

Shady Grove (Am) added 5/27/14

Sally Goodin (A) added 5/27/14

Redwing (G) added 5/27/14

Rawhide (C) added 5/27/14

Keep On the Sunny Side (G) added 5/27/14

Jerusalem Ridge (Am) added 5/27/14

Whiskey Before Breakfast (D) added 5/21/14

Wheel Hoss (G) added 5/21/14

Blackjack (B) added 5/21/14

Big Sciota (G) added 5/21/14

Blackberry Blossom (G) added 5/21/14

Amazing Grace (G) added 5/21/14

Big Mon (A) added 5/9/14

Cluck Old Hen (A) added 5/9/14

Daisy a Day (C) added 5/8/14

Fire On the Mountain (A-D) added 5/8/14

Home Sweet Home (C) added 5/8/14

Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (G) added 5/7/14

Shuckin’ the Corn (G) added 5/6/14

Take Me In Your Lifeboat (G) added 5/5/14

Til the End of the World Rolls Around (C) added 5/4/14

You Are My Sunshine (G) added 5/3/14

Orange Blossom Special (A) added 5/2/14

Black Mountain Rag (A) added 5/2/14

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