About GrassTrax

We provide bluegrass musicians with high-quality, affordable backing tracks to use as practice and jamming aids.

Everything You Need

Song bundles include chord charts, practice tracks, and a “woodshed track” to help you build speed. Learn more >

Woodshed Tracks

These tracks start very slow then speed up in 5BPM increments, allowing you to build up speed gradually. It really works! Learn More >

Played At Your Speed

Song bundles includes MP3’s at various speeds from very slow (60BPM) to quite fast (130BPM) in 10BPM increments. Learn More >

Mixed Just For You

We remove your instrument from the mix so you can play along and fill the sonic space meant for you. Don’t worry–we also supply a “full band” version of the tune so you can hear ideas for backup parts your instrument might play.

Need to contact us? Email contact@grasstrax.com.

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